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Trust: Crazle Trio

Defy Gravity: St. Louis Arches at Circus Flora

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Flip and Fly! Arches on Circus Flora 2012

Joy Through Juggling: Kellin Quinn

Harmony: Elliaire Duet

Soar with Confidence; Iking

Teamwork: St. Louis Arches

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P1110963Piece of Peace

When Warren Bacon came to teach circus arts at the State University of New York at Purchase in 1974, he had no idea that his passing his love of circus on to one particular student would have led to her finding a circus summer job with The Circus Kingdom. When Rev. David Harris called Jessica to join The Circus Kingdom and tour the eastern half of the U.S. for two summers with other college-aged circus kids performing at senior citizens’ home, homes for the mentally ill, prisons and other places, he had no idea that she would go professional, become a founding member of Big Apple Circus  and train with Moscow Circus Stars, Gregory Fedin and Nina Krasavina. Nina and Gregory had no idea that their relentless insistence on excellence and originality would help Jessica form the Hentoff & Hoyer Duo Double Trapeze Act that was hired by David Balding for the first year of Circus Flora. David had no idea that when he asked Jessica to create a youth circus troupe for Circus Flora that this was the start of the St. Louis Arches. The first St. Louis Arches 25 years ago could not have imagined the 2007 St. Louis Arches combining and performing with a Jewish/Arab Galilee Circus in Israel to form the Galilee Arches. Those first Galilee Arches could not have imagined the collaboration continuing with so many new participants into the year 2014!

Yet, here we are. In Israel. Hopefully going home tomorrow after being stranded here due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. We couldn’t imagine that we would have been stranded. We could have imagined the wonderful show co-co-created by the two troupes and the deep friendships formed between the young performers. I could not have imagined how much I would love seeing the original Israeli members of the Galilee Arches and how they have matured into strong and graceful young men and women.

Circus Harmony kids have always remarked on how the circus was like their second family. Since 2007, our family has extended to Israel. The impact of the partnership was made even more meaningful this year because of the crisis situation here. The Peace Through Pyramids partnership simply shows the power of circus— to entertain, to inspire, to connect, to show that people are capable of more than they seem. Having children from different backgrounds throw clubs at each other, bend themselves in half, jump over each other on unicycles and stand on each other’s shoulders, may seem like a strange way to reach for peace but it works. At least in this place, in this time, we have had a little pocket of people getting along, working together and appreciating each other. May the ripples from these shows go very far and for a very long time. We hope to land back in St Louis on Tuesday morning at 9:35. But a piece of all our hearts will still be here. Peace through pyramids. Joy through juggling. Harmony through handsprings. Spread the word!



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