Circus Harmony would like to announce that we are NOT opening a new pre-professional program. We would like to let everyone know what some people have already found out: You can come to Circus Harmony and create your own personalized pre-professional program. You get custom-made training in the discipline or disciplines of your choice PLUS regular chances to perform at the inimitable City Museum. YOU decide what, when and how much you train. Cost varies depending on whether you take private, semi-private and/or public classes. St. Louis living expenses are lower than many other cities, but a car is a huge asset.  If you’ve seen the St. Louis Arches, Kellin Quinn or any other Circus Harmony acts at AYCO, IJA, etc., you know the quality of the coaching here.

We have had five people accepted at ENC, two at ECQ, three at Circadium, and have had graduates work with Cirque du Soleil, 7 Fingers, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey, Circus Flora, Zoppé Family Circus, The Flying Wallendas and The Flying Pages. Our teaching artists include Rosa Yagaantsetseg, Richard Kennison, Jessica Hentoff— Master Teachers, Excellence Award winners— and more! For more information, email or call 314-436-7676. Come make your circus dreams come true. You put in the work and we will supply the wonder!