Keep up the great work!

Keep the kids (and Adults) smiling!

Your organization ALWAYS makes me feel better about our world, that there is hope!

We need that more than ever!

Love, Roy

(Roy, December 2017)

Watched all your talented kids at the Folklife this summer. We spoke briefly but mostly I watched you use circus arts as a vehicle to pour love into the lives you touched.

I saw some great teaching there. Gave me hope for life.

Happy Chanukah!

David, your calliope neighbor across the Mall

(David, December 2017)

I was very impressed with the quality of the student’s performance and such easy things as smiling, being happy and even pointing their toes.  Having the opportunity to see your program first hand was important.  I knew by your reputation of your success and dedication, but now I have seen it in operation.  Thanks for all that you do for the youth of St. Louis and what youth you have saved and brought into better citizens.  I think that when I work for Sailor the best reward is what they do in life because of the program and not necessarily what kind of circus star they become.  Being a better citizen is a great reward for all volunteers and leaders.  

(Pete Adams, former President of Circus Fans Association of America)

Amazing! We were in town for the weekend and saw a show at City Museum. We signed up for a drop in class that evening and it was the greatest time of our trip. The instructor was great! I can’t say enough about him. If you live in STL you should take advantage of this resource. Wonderful opportunities for children and expert, experienced instructors. Definitely worth your time and money.

(Kimberly, March 2017)

I wasn’t expecting too much when my son started his first class. I just thought it would be something fun for him to try. This was new to us. Before finishing his first semester, I noticed how much this class was doing for him. Not only was he learning new things, but his self confidence improved as well! He loves his class! Thanks for not only teaching him new circus skills, but also some life skills!

(Jennifer, January 2017)