Our newest Scholarship fund has been established in loving memory of one of the biggest hearts to ever grace Circus Harmony, Reggie Moore.

I encourage you to take a moment to read what Reggie meant to so many people and consider donating to the Reggie Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The money raised will help another child or children pursue their circus dreams with the same spirit Reggie had.

“He was always smiling, always strong, always positive when others were falling apart…Thanks for your example of perseverance, strength, and grace under pressure” -Adam Rugo (Circus Harmony music director)

“I wish that this young man and dedicated aspiring circus performer could know the extent to which he inspired and motivated me through his enthusiasm, exuberance, commitment and constantly positive attitude towards life.” – Joel Emery (Circus Flora)

“Best friend you were such an incredibly friendly funny and talented guy” -Olivia Catalano (California, AYCO)

“Even though he was here for such a short time, it’s clear that his purpose was to lift others up — inside the ring and out.” – Pamela Feigenbaum (Circus Harmony aunt)

“Reggie loved circus and was an important part of it. His acro comedy routine in Capriccio was unforgettable.” -James Cole (AYCO)

“I loved to watch him practicing in the ring. Reggie had a true light. He touched me, and countless others.” -Stephanie Von Drasek (City Museum)

“Reggie Moore found and appreciated the magic and wonder of our world that escapes so many these days.” -Warren Bacon (Circus Harmony Teacher)

“Reggie’s talent was incredible, and his passion was unmeasurable.” -Andrea Hermann (Circus Friend)

“Reggie, you constantly blew me away with your passion for life, love for the circus arts, and the dedication you’ve put into everything you’ve done. You greeted everyone and every obstacle with a smile, and amazed countless people with your enormous presence and kindness.” – Elena Greene (Circus Harmony Student)

“You not only pursued your own dreams, but you helped others accomplish theirs. Thanks for always putting everyone before yourself, and ‘lifting others when they were down’.”  – Lindsey Fsu Johns

“Everyone dies but not everyone lives. Reggie you lived laughed and loved more in the years that i knew you than many do in their entire lives. I am glad I got to be a part of your circus family” – Dani Mullens (Snack Bar)

“Royal Reggie, you were and are an inspiration. Thank you for being. We miss EVERYTHING about you.” – Jessica Hentoff