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Peace Through Pyramids: Galilee Arches 2016

Peace Through Pyramids: Galilee Arches 2016

admin August 5, 2016 0 comments

13925078_10154998387039041_3432886231327256701_n[1]August 5, 2016: Last night,  a Jewish circus boy on a unicycle carried the torch for the Maccabee Games (Jewish Olympics) here in St. Louis. Then, he was part of a 21 person troupe that consisted of Israeli Jews and Arabs, St. Louis city and suburban children all performing breathtaking acrobatics and other circus arts at the Jewish Community Center on the day the Jewish Federation of St. Louis denounced the Black Lives Matter platform that America should no longer aid Israel.  Photos here.

This Peace Through Pyramids story is personal (what other inner city St. Louis kids get to hang to with Israelis?!), political (this is true unity) , Olympic (these young people athletically defy gravity) and just plain amazing and inspiring! Monday we will be at City Museum, Tuesday at Ballpark Village and Wednesday (the day after the anniversary of the Mike Brown shooting) we will be in Ferguson! We will be performing throughout the St Louis metropolitan area through August 15. Click here for full schedule!

We hope you can witness this ongoing, awe-inspiring demonstration of creative cooperation. There are ongoing updates being posted on the Galilee Circus’ website.  There will also be numerous posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also learn more  and support our Peace Through Pyramids initiative and show the world that what truly matters is focusing on what unites us instead of what divides us!

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