At Circus Harmony, we are fortunate to have a live band that accompanies our annual show. The Circus Harmony Band, under the direction of Adam Rugo, is made up of some of the best musicians in St. Louis: Matt Henry on drums, Charlie Brown on keys, Aaron Lehde on woodwinds, Adam Hucke on trumpet, Ric Vice on bass, Danielle Aslanian and Nikki Glenn on violin, and Adam Rugo on guitar.  They have just completed a new Circus Harmony CD: Circus Harmony presents “Adam Rugo & the Circus Harmony Band: ASCENSION which  features music composed by Adam Rugo for Circus Harmony and represents a variety of styles, from Klezmer, Classical, and Jazz, to Rock, R&B, and Bulgarian. This studio recording captures the drama, excitement, and high-energy of a live circus performance in music that will inspire you to express yourself, to leap over life’s obstacles and ascend to your highest dreams just like the flying children of Circus Harmony.

on Square Market

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the CD will go to the Reggie Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund.