With Calvin Holmstrom

Join us for these exclusive two hour workshops taught by our amazing tumbling coach Calvin!

Saturday November 25th

Back Handsprings     10am – 12pm

  • This workshop will focus on the technique of the back handspring, and learning other drills to help improve your back handsprings.

Series Standing Tumbling       12pm – 2pm

  • For those who have a “performance level” back handspring and want to improve their series tumbling skills, this workshop will focus on connecting back handsprings as well as drills for saltos (tuck flips).

Advance Standing Tumbling      2:30pm – 4:30pm

  • For our advanced student tumblers. Must have permission from Calvin or a coach to attend this workshop.
    This workshop will work on advanced tumbling skills such as arabians, standing tucks, fulls, and connection tumbling.
    *If you are unsure which workshop is best for you please ask a coach!


Registration details:

$30 for the two hour workshop.
Each workshop will have a cap at 12 students per workshop so make sure you sign up for the workshop soon! We encourage you to invite your friends!
Registration is due by November 20th.


Calvin Holmstrom

Calvin has worked with kids his entire adult life, ranging from toddlers to collegiate athletes.  Calvin has owned two gymnastics and cheerleading training facilities and, during his 23-year coaching career, has had the honor of training many of this region’s top athletes in USA Gymnastics.  Among the numerous state and regional champions trained by Calvin are several national champions through USA Gymnastics as well as placements on its U.S. Men’s Junior National Team.  In addition to his responsibilities as head coach/owner of his training facilities, Calvin has conducted regional training camps for USA Gymnastics and acted as clinician for member clubs throughout his career.  Calvin was also a competitive cheerleader at Loyola University of Chicago as well as Southern Illinois University.  In addition to coaching cheerleading, Calvin has judged for various cheerleading organizations as well as national championship events.