Dear Circus Friend,

This year was amazing at Circus Harmony. We had the honor of being a presenting partner at the Smithsonian’s 50th Anniversary Folklife Festival plus had our own show on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center! We were thrilled with the achievements of our alumni: Sidney and Melvin, are joining Cirque du Soleil, Keaton is crisscrossing the globe with the Australian Circa Contemporary Circus, Kellin made the Top 40 International Jugglers list for the third time in a row, Claire is now an official Flying Wallenda performing on the high wire and she graduated at the head of her nursing class! We’re excited that four students, Chauncey, Maya, Zack and Viola, were accepted into Circadium, America’s first circus college! And there is much more.

Those are some of the big moments and we are thankful for them. Still, the real purpose and power of our work is that we give children a moment where they feel empowered, accomplished and special. Every child in every circumstance deserves and benefits from feeling like that. We do that daily in our classes at City Museum and in our numerous outreach programs. We create the moment where a child says “I DID IT!!!” We trust them and they learn to trust. We give them a place where they are empowered by being caring and creative. We put them in a place where they become responsive and responsible. But there are so many students who want to take classes, and places that want us to teach that cannot afford to do so.

Your support of any amount, from the $15 that covers one class for one child to $275 for a child to take a semester of classes with us at City Museum to $3750 to cover us to teaching a whole class in a school for one semester or the $7500 that would put us in a class at school for a full year, would make an incredible difference. While we don’t know where it would lead for these children’s futures, we do know that working with us has an immediate, powerful impact that is carried into other aspects of their lives as we help them be courageous, creative and caring.

This year, we were also part of the first national study on the impact of youth circus on Social Emotional Learning. The results are in! We can now conclusively show what we have known all along: social circus has as good or better impact on social and emotional learning among youth participants than other kinds of youth programs. Compared to over a thousand other youth programs throughout the country, social circus showed an exceptionally high impact in cultivating emotion management, empathy, teamwork, responsibility, initiative, and problem solving skills.

As we have always said, circus teaches the art of life. Please help us reach more children by using circus to help them be stronger, more resilient and compassionate people by supporting the work of Circus Harmony!  Please, donate now!

For Harmony,

Jessica Hentoff
Artistic/Executive Director